利记sbo is committed to protecting the privacy of the users of its website and services. This privacy statement describes how 利记sbo collects and uses the personal information you provide on our public websites and the choices available to you regarding our use of your personal information.

In order for us to provide you with 利记sbo services, we sometimes need to collect personal data to process activities such as your student applications, activities upon admission; for your accounts and in aggregate form, 跟踪和分析网站的使用情况.

In any event, we are committed to ensuring that the information we collect and use is appropriate for these purposes, 也不构成对你隐私的侵犯.

The personal information that 利记sbo collects will depend on how you are using 利记sbo websites and services.

  • We may collect personally identifiable information through correspondence you send to us through applications for admissions, 我们可能会在利记sbo网站上发布选择性调查问卷, and in connection with statements you may post on any 利记sbo-related page on social networking sites.
  • 我们也可能使用谷歌分析来收集网站使用数据进行分析. Google Analytics uses cookies to track user sessions to collect navigation patterns but never includes names, usernames, 或者电子邮件地址. Individual IP addresses are collected, but they are not associated with individual users. You may prevent Google Analytics from collecting data by turning off cookies in the preferences settings in your browser.
  • 我们也可能收集某些非个人身份信息, 例如您正在使用的浏览器类型.g.例如,Firefox, Internet Explorer),您正在使用的操作系统类型(例如.g.(Windows或Mac),以及您的互联网服务提供商的域名
  • 为了方便通过利记sbo的付款订单, 我们可以收集你的名字, postal address, 电子邮件地址和其他必要的交易信息. We collect but do not store your credit card details processed through our third party service providers PayPal,  Blackbaud Merchant Services (BBMS)、CardConnect和iATS .
  • 使您能够使用利记sbo的服务, 我们可能会收集有关您的互联网协议地址的信息, 您的用户名和密码, 或者其他身份验证方法, 比如示博列
  • In some instances, 利记sbo may be legally obligated to collect and provide your personally identifiable information to third parties such as the Department of Homeland Security. In such cases, the privacy policy governing the collection of your personally identifiable information shall be as set forth in such third parties’ privacy policies.
劳伦斯科技大学采用了“曲奇”技术. Cookies are small pieces of text that are stored on your computer and act as a tool for controlling certain system variables and storing system configuration information in the WWW environment. 利记sbo uses cookies to store user preferences for viewing and printing, 连接到IP地址的区域和地理信息, 并存储身份验证信息. We do not use cookies to identify what other sites you have visited; however, we do use certain tools to understand the flow of traffic to and from 利记sbo websites. 您可以在单个浏览器级别控制cookie的使用, 但是如果你选择禁用cookies, it may limit your use of certain features or functions on our website or service. Third party service providers may use cookies to make it easier for you to navigate our site, 但这些cookie不包括在我们的隐私政策中. 如果使用,我们无法访问或控制这些cookie. 欲了解更多信息,请 请参阅我们的Cookie政策.
利记sbo将处理(收集), store and use) the information you provide in a manner that is compatible with regulatory and legitimate uses. 我们将尽力保持您的信息准确和最新, 也不要保存太久. 利记sbo is required to retain information in accordance with the law, 例如所得税和审计所需的信息. How long certain kinds of personal data should be kept may also be governed by specific business-sector requirements and agreed practices. Personal data may be held in addition to these periods depending on individual business needs.
利记sbo(利记sbo)可能会与其他组织合作. We may pass your personal data on to third-party service providers contracted to 利记sbo in the course of dealing with you. 我们也可能为了履行法律规定而披露您的信息. Any third parties that we may share your data with are obliged to keep your details securely, 并且只使用它们为我们提供特定的服务, 如信用卡和申请处理, 完成您的请求. If we wish to pass your sensitive personal data onto a third party we will only do so once we have obtained your consent, 除非法律要求我们不这么做.
Our aim is not to be intrusive, and we undertake not to ask irrelevant or unnecessary questions. Moreover, the information you provide will be subject to reasonable measures and procedures to minimize the risk of unauthorized access or disclosure.
Upon request 利记sbo will provide you with information about whether we hold any of your personal information. 如果你想复习的话, 删除或更新您的信息, 您可以使用下面的利记sbo与我们联系. We will permit correction, amend, or delete information that is demonstrated to be inaccurate. 我们会对你的要求作出回应 privacy@showeddylive.com 在合理的时间范围内. Please note, 因为我们维护某些服务的方式, legal regulations require certain information to be retained plus residual copies of modified information may take a period of time before they are modified on active servers and may remain in our backup systems.

你需要提供足够的信息, 例如您的姓名和其他可能的识别信息, 作为安全预防措施.
We may update this privacy policy to reflect changes to our information practices. If we make any change in how we use your personal information we will notify you by email (sent to the e-mail address specified in your account). We encourage you to periodically review this page for the latest information on our privacy practices.
If you have any inquiries about this Privacy Policy or its implementation, you may contact us at privacy@showeddylive.com . 一般网站问题可直接到 webmgr@showeddylive.com . Or by mail at

(1 800 225 5588)